Novelty Birthday Cakes

You're never too old to have a great Birthday cake
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There’s no present more thoughtful than that of a personalised cake. Whatever message you want to create we will capture it perfectly, utilising a blend of creative imagination and expert sugarcrafting to produce something that is completely remarkable in both taste and design.

We’ve made countless birthday cakes for men and women, from young adult celebrations of the 18th and 21st birthdays to more senior special occasions covering the 30th, 40th, 50th and beyond. Nowadays its not just commemorative birthdays that are celebrated with the delight of a customised cake, each and every birthday celebration deserves that uniquely personal gift to remember it by.

Being the centrepiece to any birthday party, novelty cakes often feature the persons’ hobbies, interests, sporting allegiances, achievements, pastimes and anything else that makes them, them. Every cake we make is tailored to your exact requirements, so come and stretch our imagination and let us know the ideas you have for an upcoming birthday cake today!

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