Terms & Conditions

All cake orders are subject to the agreement of the following conditions. If you any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Orders should be made at least three weeks prior to required date.

2. Early booking advisable due to high demand experience at The Little Cake Cottage throughout several periods of the year.

3. Once an order is placed and confirmed, no changes may be made three weeks prior to collection date.

4. A 50% non refundable deposit required three weeks prior to collection date. Final payment on collection.

5. Base cake prices published in the shop are subject to change.

6. The Little Cake Cottage prices are non-negotiable and priced according to your individual bespoke requirements. The quote we provide is valid for 1 month only.

7. Payments by cash, card in the shop or over the phone or online bank transfer. For online bank transfer please inform us of the payment so we can confirm receipt.

8. Please check your cake on collection as spelling mistakes etc can be rectified in store. Any other problems can be dealt with as long as the whole cake in question is returned within 24 hours.

9. The Little Cake Cottage cannot take responsibility for the transportation for the product/s once collected or delivered by team.

10. The Little Cake Cottage recommend the following:

• Do not refrigerate, keep at room temperature.
• Treat as fragile.
• Models may have wooden or plastic dowelling/wires/pins.
• Product should be placed on a flat surface for transportation, such as boot of the car or on the floor in the foot well. We do not advise to travel with product on your knee or a seat.

11. We only offer delivery for wedding cakes.

12. The Little Cake Cottage reserves the right to make (minor) changes to your order– sometimes things develop during the creation process.

13. The Little Cake Cottage reserves the right to cancel due to illness/fire/personal emergency in which case we may refund a deposit at the company discretion.